Versele-Laga Pigeon Food

Versele-Laga Pigeon FoodShop for Versele-Laga Pigeon Food at Kissimmee Valley Feed. Do you have racing pigeons or do you raise pigeons? Versele-Laga Pigeon Food is a Belgian quality feed we offer. It’s perfect for birds of all ages and sizes.

This premium food aids in the avoidance of oxidation stress; helps builds a strong resistance and protects their wing muscles from extended damage. Additionally, this line offers the highest quality ingredients to support your flock. With a combination of seed mixtures and grains, your birds are equipped with your desired nutrition levels. Also, it is enriched with vitamins, amino acids, and minerals crucial for growth and development. Grape seeds, cranberries, and red adzuki beans are common supplements, plus Black Maize boosts endurance and reduces risks. Provide the best for your champions by providing Versele-Laga Pigeon Food!

Have any questions? Come by 1501 Eastern Ave to discuss this premium pigeon feed. Share with us the importance of your pigeons and let us know how we can help reach your racing goals! For more information about Versele-Laga, see here.

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