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Come Rain or Shine: Altosid® IGR Field Study

Thursday, July 30th, 2020

Purina's Wind and Rain with Altosid IGRMuch like the weather, fly populations can be a bit unpredictable during certain times of year. That’s often been the case with horn flies on pasture cattle, as populations have been known to rise after heavy rainfall events. This has created some mild concerns as producers question whether their feed-through fly control products are working effectively. To learn more, we sent our team into the field to see the effect heavy rainfall has on Altosid® IGR.

After conducting a study on various regions throughout the country, our team of experts came back with the same conclusion: heavy rainfall events can lead to a brief spike in horn fly numbers among cattle being treated with Altosid IGR, but all fly populations in the study returned to their normal levels of control within 1-2 weeks.

While this information alone can be comforting, we wanted to provide treatment tips to help producers plan for and address these population spikes. Following these recommendations can work as an insurance against rising fly populations after heavy rainfall events.

  • Monitor your local weather forecast to better predict when to begin treatments for each season.
  • If you are already feeding Altosid IGR and notice fly populations exceeding the economic threshold following a rainfall event, knockdown adult fly populations with a spray such as Prolate/Lintox HD Insecticidal Spray and Backrubber from Starbar® Products.
  • Continue feeding Altosid IGR! The product is still working to provide effective horn fly control, and should limit populations to their expected levels within a few weeks of the rain.
  • Remember to feed Altosid IGR all the way through the season and 30 days after the last frost. This helps producers account for the unpredictability of the seasons and help limit the overwintering flies that will jumpstart the population the following spring.

Altosid IGR delivers effective horn fly control that producers have relied upon for nearly 50 years. While heavy rainfall may produce a brief uptick in horn fly numbers, producers that weather the storm and continue feeding Altosid IGR can help keep their cattle healthy and profitable all season long.

We offer Purina’s Wind & Rain® Storm Fly Minerals, which are designed to reduce fly populations. Flies cause significant discomfort for cattle. As part of an integrated fly control program, Purina’s Wind and Rain with Altosid (MTH), helps restore cattle comfort while reducing factors that cause poor performance, and decreased grazing time. 225 lbs.

Article Source: Central Life Sciences.

August Specials

Monday, July 27th, 2020
Check out Kissimmee Valley Feed’s August specials for you. These specials, starting August 1st through August 31st include $5 off all large bags of Carefresh bedding and $2 off select Zupreem Bird Diets including FruitBlend, Natural, VeggieBlend, and NutBlend. For both of these savings, you must sign up with Astro, which is free of charge. You can also stop by during the month of August to save up to $2 on Taste of the Wild pet food.

Taste of the Wild will be $1 off 14 lb. bags and $2 off 28 lb. bags 8/1-8/31

Taste of the Wild uses unique and highly digestible animal proteins, including real venison, salmon, lamb, fowl, or bison. The protein from these meat, fish, and fowl sources help support muscles, organ function, the immune system, healthy skin, and a shiny coat. The result is dog food that helps maintain the sleek condition of good health with a wild taste your pet craves. Their recipes provide the vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients your pet needs throughout their life.
For the month of August, save $1 on 14-pound bags and $2 on 28-pound bags of Taste of the Wild pet food.

Carefresh Bedding will be $5 off 8/1-8/31

Carefresh Bedding makes the softest, driest, most comfortable home for your small pet. Only carefresh® is made from scratch with pillowy soft, ultra-absorbent comfyfluff™ designed specifically for small pets. Unlike other bedding, we make our own paper using a raw, natural fiber obtained directly from the source to ensure your small pet lives a happy, healthy, and loveable life.

The special requires enrollment in our free Astro Loyalty program. Carefresh Bedding is part of our frequent buyer program (via Astro Loyalty).

Select Zupreem Bird Diets will be $2 off 8/1-8/31

The ZuPreem® team loves your pets. This is an uncertain time, and Zupreem is doing everything they can to make sure your pets have nutritious pet food in the weeks and months ahead. Fun shapes and natural colors to add variety to your bird’s daily food program. This August special will let you save on select Zupreem Bird Diets including FruitBlend, Natural, VeggieBlend, and NutBlend.

The special requires enrollment in our free Astro Loyalty program. Zupreem Bird Feed is part of our frequent buyer program (via Astro Loyalty).

Primal Goat Milk will be $2 off 8/1-8/31

As passionate pet owners, Primal Pet Foods’ goal is to elevate the health of pets through species-appropriate nutrition. Since 2001, they’ve been crafting premium pet foods using whole food ingredients. This August special allows you to save $2 on bone broth or goat milk.

The special requires enrollment in our free Astro Loyalty program. Primal Pet Foods Inc. is part of our frequent buyer program (via Astro Loyalty).

Be sure to stop by Kissimmee Valley Feed Store #2 during the month of August for these specials!


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