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I just wanted to bring you an updated video on this nice, pretty Saturday morning while your having your morning cup of coffee and are getting your day started. As many of you know, we are opening up our second location. It was formerly the old Osceola Farm and Ranch Supply store location. We’ve secured it and I’m very proud to be able to open up a store. So, I wanted to just bring you a few updates this Saturday morning and let you know what’s going on because many of you have wondered. We’re in the process of doing a lot of remodeling and changes and things. So, I would like to go inside the store for a minute and show you what’s going on. So, come on inside for just a few minutes and I’ll show you what’s happening.

We have done a lot of changes and asked the owner of the building to extensively remodel and we’re very excited about it and what we’ve got going on. We’ve made changes to the lighting and we’ve got really good air conditioning in here to keep it nice and cool during the summer time. We painted and one of the major things we had to do was sandblast the floor because as you can imagine after 30, 40 years of operation the store got quite dirty and it was a hard hard task to get this old floor cleaned up, but it turned out really nice. We’re very proud of what’s going on. We’re in the process now of getting ready to start setting our shelves inside the store. It’ll take us probably a week or so to get things up and going as you know we’re trying to operate our number one location as well as make the improvements in the second location so that just takes us a lot of time. Hopefully, we will have this store up and running in about 30-45 days is our plan so I look forward to seeing you and I hope that you’ll come by and support us. Some of the things that we’re going to be doing in this location to compliment our other store will be focusing on the smaller animals, things that you do in your backyard, your backyard companion animals from family flock, to pets, dogs, cats, tropical birds, even our wild bird friends. A completely new item that we’re going to be doing for our store that we’re really excited about is we’re now a Komodo Joe and Traeger dealer. We will have a full line of their products. Also, something that Russell is working on, and he’s excited about is we’re sourcing out sauces, seasonings, and rubs for your meats that are from Florida. So, that’s going to be our little unique thing that we’re going to do. So, I hope you enjoy your Saturday, get your day started. If you have time, come by to see us today! We sure appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you in the future.

Thank you and have a great day.

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