MoorMan’s Mintrate Red Block RU

Kissimmee Valley Feed now stocks MoorMan’s Mintrate Red Block RU

Mintrate beef products are the nutritional architects for building better performance for cattle on forage-based diets. Mintrate supplies the perfect nutritional framework needed to build your herd’s productivity for today and future generations.

Mintrate beef products, only from ADM Animal Nutrition™, are ideally suited for any cattle on pasture or range . . . from brood cow herds to stockers to herd replacement breeding stock. The common factor is a forage-based diet. Mintrate is the nutritional architect that enables cattle to get more nutrients from forages consumed and supplies nutrients forages lack. The payback is more productivity from readily available forage.

Mintrate beef products are formulated to complement forages and take into account the nutritional gaps between what cattle need and what forage provides. Mintrate beef products supply the needed types and amounts of protein along with mineral sources that help drive efficient forage utilization and supply vital nutrients. The bottom line is more efficient production and performance at a lower investment.

Mintrate beef products feature:

  • Targeted blend of source proteins – Encompass protein needs for the rumen microbes and the animal, maximizing rumen function for optimal cattle performance and enhanced reproductive efficiency
  • Hydroxy copper – A rumen bypass source of copper, reducing potential negative interaction; independent research validates high mineral absorption to the animal
  • Proprietary source of cobalt – A unique source of cobalt, facilitating better forage digestion for more available energy
  • Zinc methionine – Delivers bypass zinc to boost overall performance, enhance reproductive status, milk production and hoof health
  • Biuret® – An ADM exclusive source of slow release, non-protein nitrogen that enhances the rumen microbes’ ability to more extensively digest forage
  • No added potassium – Forages typically supply ample amounts of potassium
  • Products containing Rumensin®* or Bovatec®* are also available
  • Forms – blocks, pressed tubs, cubes and pellets

Refer to product labels for complete mixing and feeding directions.
*Not trademarks of ADM.



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