Honor Show Chow X-Clamation Show Goat

Honor Show Chow X-Clamation Show Goat 50-lb

  • A 16% protein, nutritionally complete balanced ration
  • Vitamin and mineral ratios to promote strong, healthy show goats in both the growing and finishing phases
  • Honor Show Chow X-Clamation Show Goat is supported by Purina Mills knowledge, experience and research



 Nutritionally complete
  • Formulated for the unique nutritional needs of goats
  • Provides the proper balance of high-quality proteins, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients - allows show goats to reach their full potential
  • Digestible fiber source provides a safe, complete diet
  • Proper calcium to phosphorus ratio - important in preventing urinary calculi and for proper skeletal growth
 Bypass protein
  •  Blend of protein to promote muscle synthesis and growth
  • Balanced combination of zinc, manganese, copper and cobalt
  • Provides critical highly-available minerals that help immune response which is critical for healthy, traveling show animals
  • Helps maximize growth and muscle development - allows goats to reach their full potential
  • Research has shown that TASCO® helps lower body temperature during heat stress - keeping animals on feed
  • Diamond V Yeast Culture is a true, fully fermented yeast culture developed specifically for optimum animal nutrition. Research proven, Diamond V Yeast Culture has a unique ability to enhance ration digestibility, palatability, and intake by delivering a rich, all-natural nutrient source to the animal's digestive bacteria.
  • Diamond V Yeast Culture can help your animals reach a higher nutritional plane
 Pellet form
  • Provides total nutrition in every bite
  • Eliminates sorting and reduces feed wastage
 Ammonium chloride
  • Helps reduce the formation of urinary calculi
  • Promotes extended show careers in show goats and healthier Pygmy goats
 Rumensin @ 20 grams/ton or Deccox Option
  •  Aids in the prevention of coccidiosis, bloat and acidosis
  •  Feed it with total confidence –backed by Purina Mills’ legendary tradition of fundamental and applied research – numerous winning entries at local and national shows


  1. Start kids on colostrum milk from birth to 3 days of age. Feed Purina® Kid Milk Replacer from 2 days until 4-8 weeks of age.
  2. Use Honor® Show Chow® X-Clamation™ Show Goat as a creep feed for rapidly growing young goats prior to weaning.
  3.  If kids have not been creep-fed or they were purchased, they should be placed on grass hay on a free-choice basis after arrival. On the second day, feed Honor® Show Chow® X-Clamation™ Show Goat at the rate of 1% of their body weight and offer free-choice forage or hay. Gradually increase the amount of Honor® Show Chow® X-Clamation™ Show Goat and decrease the amount of hay over a 3-week period of time so that by the end of 3 weeks, they are consuming 3-4% of their body weight as Honor® Show Chow® X-Clamation™ Show Goat. After 3 weeks, Honor® Show Chow® X-Clamation™ Show Goat should be the sole diet and no additional forage is required.
  4. When making a ration change, allow 3 to 5 days for animals to adjust to the new ration.
  5. Keep a constant supply of complete feed available. Do not let fine material accumulate in feeders.
  6. Provide adequate, well-protected and well-managed bunk space for each animal to prevent feed from becoming wet or moldy.
  7. Provide a source of fresh, clean water at all times.
  8. Feed salt free-choice.
  9. Feed Purina Mills® Goat Mineral free-choice.
  10. Consult your veterinarian for the recommended health program for your local area. This includes internal and external parasite control.
  11. This product contains copper and should not be fed to sheep. In groups of goats, there are certain animals that experience chronic bloat or other digestive disturbances, and consequently are poor performers. In addition, excess feed consumption, severe weather changes resulting in erratic feed consumption and poorly-managed feeding practices can increase the incidence of bloat in all goats. If bloating occurs, the above management practices should be reviewed and your veterinarian consulted.
    Caution:  Store in a dry, well-ventilated area free from all rodents and insects. Do not use moldy or insect-infested feed.

Guaranteed Analysis

 Crude Protein This includes not more than 1.00% equivalent crude protein from non-protein nitrogen  Min  16.00%
 Crude Fat  Min  4.00%
 Crude Fiber  Min  19.00%
 Calcium (Ca)  Min  0.50%
 Calcium (Ca)  Max  1.00%
 Phosphorus (P)  Min  0.35%
 Salt (Na Cl)  Min  0.70%
 Salt (Na Cl)  Max  1.20%
 Copper (Cu)  Min  17 ppm
 Copper (Cu)  Max  22 ppm
 Selenium (Se)  Min  0.30 ppm
 Vitamin A  Min  10000.00 IU/lb
 Vitamin D  Min  2000.00 IU/lb
 Vitamin E  Min  30.00 IU/lb


Honor® Show Chow® X-Clamation™ Show Goat is a complete and balanced ration in pelleted form. It provides extras kids need in both the growing and finishing phases. There is no need to add roughage or grain to the ration. Honor® Show Chow® X-Clamation™ Show Goat meets the specific nutritional needs of growing and finishing goats.
Creep feed free-choice, having Honor® Show Chow® X-Clamation™ Show Goat before nursing kids at all times. To maintain adult animals, feed 1-2 lbs per 100lbs of body weight along with adequate roughage or pasture. These are only guidelines for consumption. Feed Consumption will vary with life stage, environment, and activity.
*Ask your dealer if Rumensin option is available in your market.
Typical Feeding Rates for X-ClamationShow Goat
    Goat’s Body Weight     Lbs Feeding Range, Lbs
 30 - 50  1 - 2
 50 - 70  2 - 2.8
 70 - 90  2.8 - 4
 90 - Market  4 - 5

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