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Christmas Customer Appreciation Sale

Friday, November 30th, 2018
Dec ’18
9:00 am

Christmas Customer Appreciation SaleCome join us at the 2nd Kissimmee Valley Feed on 13th Street for our Christmas Customer Appreciation and Purina Feed Greatness Sales on Saturday, December 8, from 9am until 5 pm. Enter to win 3 free bags of chicken or rabbit food by purchasing any Purina 50 lb. chicken or rabbit food, find out more about rules to entry and also check out our other sales below!

  • All Purina 50 lb. Chicken and Rabbit Foods are $3 off
  • PMI Advantage Dog Food $3 off
  • Taste of the Wild 28 lb. and Larger Dog Foods are $5 off
  • Taste of the Wild 14 lb. and Larger Dog Foods are $2 off
  • Fromm Dog Food 12 lb. and larger are $3 off
  • Exclusive or Infinia 30 lb. bags are $8 off
  • Exclusive or Infinia 15 lb. bags are $4 off
  • All other Dog and Cat Foods 12 lb. and larger are $2-$5 off

Everything in the store is 10% off unless otherwise marked… this includes coolers and grills!

From 10-11 AM
Buy any Purina 50 lb. Chicken or Rabbit Food and be entered in a drawing to win 3 free bags of Chicken or Rabbit food. Must be present to win… Drawing at 11 AM!



We will have raffle items to help raise money for the pets of seniors that are part of the Meals on Wheels program at the Council on Aging. Pet food donations will also be accepted. Learn more about Meals on Wheels here.

5 Tips For Caring For Your Fresh Cut Christmas Tree

Friday, November 16th, 2018

Fresh Cut Christmas TreeLove the smell of a fresh cut Christmas Tree in your house? Here are some tips to consider when buying and caring for your live Christmas Tree:

  1. Make sure the tree is fresh. If you pull on a section of needles gently between your thumb and forefinger very few needles should fall off. Or shake the tree. You should not see an excessive amount dropping to the ground.
  2. Keep the tree outside with the trunk in a bucket of water until you are ready to decorate it.
  3. Before setting up your tree, make a straight cut across the base of the trunk and place it on a stand that can hold a gallon or more of water. Making a fresh cut on the trunk allows it to absorb water more freely and stay healthy longer.
  4. The tree will absorb the greatest amount of water in the first 24 hours, so be sure to check it and add water as needed. If the water level falls below the base of the trunk, it will begin to dry out the stump within 4-6 hours. Adequate water not only keeps the tree fresh longer but helps it maintain that fresh tree fragrance.
  5. Keep your tree away from fireplaces, radiators or any direct sources of heat. Not only can these dry the tree out, but can also become a fire hazard.

Be sure to locate a recycling program or check with your city for special recycling efforts when it’s time to discard your Christmas Tree.


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