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Play Fall Flock Games!

Friday, August 31st, 2018

Play Fall Flock Games! Tune in to our Facebook Page on Thursdays in September and October for Fall Flock Games. Follow along as we encourage you to get caught up in “Flock-Tober”, a celebration of your flock and fall. Each week you’ll have a chance to win prizes from Kissimmee Valley Feed by participating in our Facebook game. No purchase necessary, just follow the directions each Thursday in September and October on our Facebook Page.

Shop Kissimmee Valley Feed during September and October and get a FREE limited-edition coop sign when you purchase a large bag of Purina Layena feed, 35lb bags or larger! These signs are popular and we will run out!

Are your chicks growing? Once your chicks hit 18-20 weeks old or lay their first egg, it’s time to transition to Purina Layena poultry feed to sustain growth and promote egg production! Try our new Organic Chicken Feed; it’s GMO-free!

Baby chicks arrive this fall at Kissimmee Valley Feed. Come visit us!

Sunglo Show Steer Clinic

Tuesday, August 28th, 2018
Sep ’18
6:15 pm

Show Steer ClinicJoin Kissimmee Valley Feed for a FREE Show Steer Clinic on Thursday, September 13, 2018, at 6:15 pm. Representatives from Sunglo will discuss show steer health nutrition, caring for your show project, and tips to help you raise a champion. This is an excellent learning opportunity for every show level. Hot dogs, chips, and drinks will be served, and there will be multiple drawings for door prizes! Bring your questions to this family-friendly event.

Please RSVP to Kissimmee Valley Feed by calling (407) 957-4100 or sign up below before September 11th.

The workshop is held at our original Kissimmee Valley Feed store located at 1501 Eastern Avenue, Saint Cloud 34769.

Find out more on the flyer attached here. 2018 Sunglo Cattle meeting



    Baby Chicks Arrive

    Wednesday, August 15th, 2018
    Aug ’18
    8:00 am

    Baby Chicks Arrive at Kissimmee Valley Feed!

    Chicks are arriving at Kissimmee Valley Feed’s second location (215 13th Street, Saint Cloud 34769) on Wednesday, August 22nd. Chick types include Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpingtons, and Barred Rocks. We strongly advise that you call the store prior to making a visit to confirm delivery, type of chicks and the number available.

    Watch our Facebook page! We’ll keep you updated.

    Are you set up for a successful chicken coop? We carry all the chicken supplies you need to raise a healthy flock like chick feeders, chick waterers, heat lamps and more!

    Kissimmee Valley Feed carries a variety of chicken coops for your baby chicks. Stop by to visit us and find the perfect chicken supplies!

    For questions about chick types or anything else, please feel free to visit us, give us a call at 407-892-4040.

    Rabbit Workshop on September 29

    Tuesday, August 14th, 2018
    Sep ’18
    2:00 pm

    Rabbit WorkshopJoin Kissimmee Valley Feed for a free Rabbit Workshop on Saturday, September 29, from 2 pm to 4 pm.

    Presenter Heidi Mattson, from Hurricane Ranch Rabbitry, will discuss rabbit care and show tips. Bring your 4H rabbits and family! This is valuable information you can put in your record books.

    Please sign up in advance below or call 407-892-4040. We need to know how many are coming to accommodate enough tables and chairs for everyone. Snacks will be provided. After the workshop, registered attendees will receive a 10% discount off of all rabbit supplies purchased.

    The workshop is held at our newest location, 215 13th Street, Saint Cloud 34769. We look forward to seeing you there!

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    Traeger Grill

    Thursday, August 2nd, 2018

    I’m Stan Touchstone, I own Kissimmee Valley Feed and this afternoon we’re having our Traeger Grill rep, Tod Weinberger, come by. So today is the first day I fired off our Traeger probe and the first thing you have to do when you purchase a Traeger Pro grill is seasoning.

    You have to season your grill and to season it, you just light it up, you set it on its maximum temperature, and you just let it burn for about 45 minutes. And so, I powered this up a few minutes ago and it was just very simple. You just pour the pellets in the grill, you switch it on, the pellets start all going down to the firebox and then, once you get to the firebox everything is in good shape. And it starts its fire by itself.

    So, let me switch the camera around and I’ll show you the grill, looks like it is getting very hot. Come on camera, there you go. All right, so, this is a Traeger Grill, I’m going to raise the lid. You hear it flowing in there, see it turning colors. It is, it got up to four hundred and twenty-six degrees in about in about fifteen minutes. So it’s getting very hot, very very very hot. So we’re getting our grill seasoned. This is a Traeger pro, this is the top of the line series for slow cooking meat or cooking all different kinds of things.

    You can cook cobblers, pizza, meat, ribs, all kind of things like that so if you got any questions about it, come by later on this afternoon. We’re going to have Mr. Todd Weinberger, our representative for Traeger grills here this afternoon. Ask him all the questions you want and sample some meat a little bit later on. Come on by, I love to see you and I want to remind you also that tomorrow is our grand opening. I’m really excited about this we’ve got our new store set. It’s our grand opening at 2:15 13th Street here in St. cloud for Kissimmee Valley Feed.

    Got a lot of sales. You have the ability to make donations to I sell the County Council on again to help buy pet food for the senior pets. I make sure that’s clear so that they’ll have a way to feed their best companion animals. So, come on by this afternoon and especially come by tomorrow. Hope to see you then and have a great afternoon.

    Thank you.


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