Purina HydraSalt Salt Supplement

ecmq2-0028932-176x300Purina® HydraSalt™ Salt Supplement is a specially coated salt supplement for all classes of horses and ponies used to balance the diet, replace sweat losses and help maintain water intake. It has an oil coating that makes the salt gentle on the stomach.

Feed Form: Powder

Recommended For: All horses for daily use, but is particularly helpful for horses that are difficult drinkers, non-sweaters and prone to dehydration or colic


ecmq2-0028939How is Purina® HydraSalt™ Salt Supplement Different? Typical diets for horses are low in sodium. Many rectify this by providing loose or block salt to horses, but intake via these methods can be variable at best. Therefore, Purina® HydraSalt™ Salt Supplement provides sodium in a palatable form so your horse gets what he needs on a daily basis. Further, blood sodium content drives water intake in horses, and this product helps keep sodium levels at optimal concentrations. Purina® HydraSalt™ Salt Supplement is recommended for all horses for daily use, but it is particularly helpful for horses that are difficult drinkers, non-sweaters and prone to dehydration or colic.




SMOOTH MICROBEAD™ TECHNOLOGY MAKES THE SALT GENTLE ON THE STOMACH Performance horses are prone to gastric ulcers. And ordinary salt can be harsh and irritate ulcers in the stomach lining. Smooth MicroBead™ is a revolutionary technology that coats each salt particle with an oil so they don’t mix with the gastric liquids. This coating forms a barrier, making the salt gentle on the stomach. Once it passes through the stomach, the oil coating is broken down in the small intestines where salt uptake is optimal.
PROVIDES SALT WITH NO SALTY TASTE FOR BETTER INTAKE Most horses are deficient in salt because they do not like the taste of it enough to achieve proper intake. Purina® HydraSalt™ Salt Supplement contains an oil coating with minty flavor so horses will readily consume it.
PROMOTES WATER INTAKE FOR PROPER HYDRATION Industry studies show providing a quality salt source in the diet can replace what is lost through sweat and can increase the intake of water in horses.


SALT MIN 77.50 %
SALT MAX 82.50 %
SODIUM  MIN 29.50 %
SODIUM MAX 34.50 %
ASH MAX 82.50 %


LEVEL OF WORK Pony Horse Horse
550 1,100 1,650
                          Level Scoops/Day
Light 0.5 1.0 1.5
Moderate 1.0 1.5 2.0
Hard 1.5 2-3 3-4
Hard with Hot Weather 3.0 3-4 4-5
1 level scoop= 28 grams       Each bucket = 60-day supply Each level scoop provides 8,900 mg sodium and 13,400 mg chloride;equivalent to 22,400 mg salt. CAUTION: • Always follow label directions. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area with lid closed. • Do not feed moldy or insect-infested feed or supplements to animals as it may cause illness, performance loss or death. For manufacturing date, best before date and batch code, see base of tub.

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